No.90 Sakura-Toge Park

Sakura-Toge Park is a young park, created in 2001 with a planting of 2,001 oyamazakura to commemorate the birth of Princess Aiko. More sakura were planted in the following years, and they now number around 3,000. The sakura seen from a ridge is simply stunning. In addition to their ability to withstand the harsh northern winters, oyamazakura are known for their darker pink blossoms and leaves that come out with the blossoms. Peak viewing time is early May.


General information

Address Aza Sakuratoge, Oaza Oshio, Kita-Shiobara Village, Yama County, Fukushima Prefecture (福島県耶麻郡北塩原村大字大塩字桜峠)
Peak bloom Early May
Access by train 30 minutes by car from Kitakata Station on the JR Ban-etsu-West Line