No.2 Fukuju-ji Temple

Fukuju-ji Temple is home to two large red weeping benishidarezakura, said to be 250 and 470 years old. The deep pink blossoms on the majestic weeping sakura, set off by the solemn grandeur of the old temple buildings, create a stunning sight. The graves of three rulers of the Tamura clan, who ruled over Miharu in medieval Japan, are also on the temple grounds.


General information

Address 194 Aza Gomenmachi, Miharu Town, Tamura County, Fukushima Prefecture (福島県田村郡三春町字御免町194)
Peak bloom Mid-to-late April
Access by train 5 minutes by taxi from Miharu Station on the Ban-etsu-East Line
Access by car 15 minutes from Ban-Etsu Expressway Funehiki-Miharu IC