No.19 The Komazakura of Akiyama

The Komazakura cherry tree in the area of Akiyama is a giant tree estimated to be over 500 years old. The sakura is an edohigan variety that stands alone atop a hill, nestled among mulberry fields with several stone monuments around its roots. It is an impressive 21 meters tall with a trunk circumference of more than five meters. The sight of the magnificent tree in bloom is simply awe-inspiring.


General information

Address Aza Konagaishi, Oaza Akiyama, Kawamata Town, Date County, Fukushima Prefecture (福島県伊達郡川俣町大字秋山字小長石)
Peak bloom Mid-to-late April
Access by train 40 minutes by bus bound for Kawamata from Fukushima Station on the Tohoku Main Line, get off at Junishiro bus stop, and then 30 minutes on foot
Access by car 40 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Fukushima-nishi IC