No.65 Lone Cherry Tree at Kamegamori Pasture

On a plateau 800 meters above sea level stands this magnificent oyamazakura in the middle of Kamegamori Pasture. Oyamazakura are known for their deep pink, large blossoms. This sakura is six meters tall with branches extending 15 meters and has miraculously withstood the harsh winds and snow. The pasture is private land but visitors are allowed as long as they refrain from stepping on the tree’s root structure or causing a nuisance.


General information

Address Kamegamori, Tashiro, Miyako, Iwate Prefecture (岩手県宮古市田代亀ヶ森)
Peak bloom Early-to-mid-May
Access by train About 50 minutes by car from Miyako Station on the Yamada Line