No.107 Funakoshi Family Village

The Funakoshi Family Village (Funakoshi Kazoku Ryokomura in Japanese) complex overlooks Yamada Bay on a small hill and is an outdoor recreational area complete with cabins and drive-in camping. Sakura, predominately somei yoshino, dot the open space, creating a lovely sight amid the open air and green surroundings. Funakoshi Family Village is a great place for groups and families to picnic and enjoy the arrival of spring.


General information

Address 9 Funakoshi, Yamada Town, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture (岩手県下閉伊郡山田町船越第9地割)
Peak bloom Late April–early May
Access by train 30 minutes on foot from Iwate-Funakoshi Station on the Sanriku Railway Rias Line
Access by car About 50 minutes/32 km from Miyako. About 40 minutes/27 km from Kamaishi. (Follow the sign near the Yamada Roadside Station on National Route 45)