No.105 Goishi Coast

The Goishi Coast is designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument, one of the 100 Best Beaches and 100 Best Soundscapes of Japan. Its six kilometers of rocky beaches and cliffs along the Massaki Peninsula are known for their smooth black stones, interesting rock formations, caves and pine trees. Around 100 sakura including somei yoshino and yaezakura bloom in the area starting by the Goishi Kaigan Rest House while nearby camellias are also in bloom.


General information

Address Goishi Coast, Aza Ohama, Massaki Town, Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture (岩手県大船渡市末崎町字大浜 碁石海岸周辺)
Peak bloom Mid-April–early May
Access by train About 15 minutes by Iwateken Kotsu Bus Goishi Line, from BRT Hosoura Station on the JR Ofunato Line
Access by car About 10 minutes from Sanriku Expressway Goishi-kaigan IC