No.108 Tatsumiyama Park

Tatsumiyama Park bursts into bloom each spring in late April with about 150 sakura, mostly somei yoshino. The sakura were planted when the park was originally established in 1971. Now local families, groups and couples flock to the park each spring, both in the day and at night when the sakura are lit up. The park sits on a small hill, giving visitors views of the city as well as Kuji Bay. Next door is Tatsumiyama Inari-jinja Shrine, which also attracts many local visitors and worshippers.


General information

Address 1 Nakamachi Town, Kuji, Iwate Prefecture (岩手県久慈市中町1)
Peak bloom Late April–early May
Access by train 5 minutes on foot from Kuji Station on the JR Hachinohe Line or Sanriku Railway
Access by car 50 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway Kunohe IC