No.44 Tendo Park

Located in central Tendo City on Mt. Maizuru, visitors to Tendo Park can take in the views of Mt. Gassan and the Mogami River. Mt. Maizuru is covered in approximately 2,000 sakura, including somei yoshino and edohigan varieties, some of which are 400 years old. The Tendo Sakura Festival is held from early April to early May, and on April 21 and 22 visitors can watch a game of Human Shogi (a version of Japanese chess where people wear traditional armor and become the chess pieces).


General information

Address Oaza Tendo, Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture (山形県天童市大字天童)
Peak bloom Mid-to-late April
Access by train 5 minutes by car from Tendo Station on the Yamagata Shinkansen Line
Access by car About 15 minutes from Yamagata Expressway Yamagata-kita IC