No.38 Mogami River Bank Senbonzakura

Starting in 1915, somei yoshino started to be planted along the approximately two kilometers between the Sakura Ohashi Bridge and the Nagai Bridge, creating a gorgeous stretch of blooms along the river. Although there are more like 300 sakura in total, locals gave this stretch the name Senbonzakura, or one thousand sakura. The large stately trees all blooming in sync certainly give visitors the feeling that there are a thousand or more.


General information

Address Along the banks of the Mogami River between Sakura Ohashi Bridge and Nagai Bridge, Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture (山形県長井市さくら大橋~長井橋間の最上川両岸堤防沿い)
Peak bloom Mid-April
Access by train 10 minutes on foot from Nagai Station on the Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line (transfer at Akayu Station on the Yamagata Shinkansen Line)
Access by car 1 hour from Yamagata Expressway Yamagata-Zao IC