No.32 Shiroyama Park and Eai River

Shiroyama Park is situated on a hill and gives visitors views of the Eai River and Wakuya Town. The still-standing castle turret provides a glorious backdrop to the many sakura in the park. More than 600 somei yoshino are planted on the former castle grounds, Wakuya-jinja Shrine, and down to the left bank of the Eai River. The Wakuya Sakura Festival is held in April and includes night-time illuminations and fireworks.


General information

Address Aza Shimocho, Wakuya, Wakuya Town, Toda County, Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県遠田郡涌谷町涌谷字下町地内)
Peak bloom Mid-to-late April
Access by train 5 minutes by car from Wakuya Station on the Ishinomaki Line
Access by car 30 minutes from Sanriku Expressway Matsushima-kita IC