No.23 Shiroishi Castle

Shiroishi Castle used to be ruled by the chief vassal to Date Masamune, who is credited with founding Sendai. The castle was dismantled in 1874 and partially restored in 1995 using the original architectural techniques. Around 400 sakura including somei yoshino, shidarezakura, and double-blossom yaezakura are planted on the castle grounds. From certain angles, the castle looks as if it is floating in a sea of pink blossoms. Special nighttime illuminations are another unforgettable sight.


General information

Address 1-16 Masuoka Town, Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県白石市益岡町1-16)
Peak bloom Early-to-late April
Access by train 10 minutes on foot from Shiroishi Station on the Tohoku Main Line
Access by car 10 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Shiroishi IC