No.75 Kimimachizaka Prefectural Nature Park

The dynamic natural beauty of this park, with its dramatic rock faces festooned with blooming sakura, attracts visitors from inside and outside Akita every year. Around 1,500 sakura including somei yoshino, oyamazakura, and pom-pom like botanzakura burst into color from late April to early May, when the Kimimachizaka Sakura Festival is also held. Evening sakura illuminations are held, and food vendors sell local specialties in the Futatsui roadside station near the park.


General information

Address 114-12 Kotsunagi, Futatsui Town, Noshiro, Akita Prefecture (秋田県能代市二ツ井町小繋114-12)
Peak bloom Late April–early May
Access by train 5 minutes by car from Futatsui Station on the Ou Main Line
Access by car 7 minutes from Akita Expressway Futatsui-Shirakami IC