No.68 Weeping Cherry Tree by Hakusan-jinja Shrine

Located in Yuzawa City next to Hakusan-jinja Shrine (Oshirasama), this grand old weeping shidarezakura cherry tree is an estimated 200 years old and stands some 10 meters tall with branches stretching 20 meters wide. Nestled in front of verdant mountains and near the shrine’s vermillion torii gate, the elegant tree is imminently photogenic. A group of volunteers in the area frequently offer complimentary tea to visitors as well.


General information

Address Hakusan-jinja Shrine, 55 Aza Akatsuka, Yokobori, Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture (秋田県湯沢市横堀字赤塚55白山神社)
Peak bloom Late April–early May
Access by train About 4 minutes by car from Yokobori Station on the Ou Main Line
Access by car About 3 minutes from Yuzawa-Yokote Road Ogachi-Komachi IC