No.85 Ashino Park

The 80-hectare Ashino Park features a lake surrounded by approximately 2,200 sakura, including somei yoshino and satozakura varieties, which date back to 1934 when the first 500 trees were planted. The Tsugaru Railway Line runs through the park, and the train tracks and station are also lined with sakura forming a tunnel of blossoms that shower visitors with pale pink petals. The Sakura Festival is held during the Golden Week holidays at the beginning of May.


General information

Address 84-170 Ashino, Kanagi Town, Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture (青森県五所川原市金木町芦野84-170)
Peak bloom Late April–early May
Access by train Get off at Ashino-koen Station on the Tsugaru Railway
Access by car 40 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Namioka IC